3 Types of People on a Journey of Change

The characters you’ll find as you seek to change things and how to help each of them along.

How to liberate them to be the best version of themselves.

First note:

A confused mind always says no.

  1. Crawlers — unconscious incompetence … educate and illuminate. Bring CLARITY.
  2. Walkers — they have conscious incompetence … show and guide along the path. Lead / show the way by SACRIFICE and EXAMPLE.
  3. Runners — they have conscious competence in the change process… nudge if needed, let them fly, cheer them on… EXTRACT yourself but continue to support and challenge and help remove new obstacles.

Just a few thoughts inspired by my friends Coach Byron Davis of Authority Labs and Jim Lee of GiANT who have both helped me at times when I’ve been crawling, walking and running.