Versace on the Floor (by Bruno Mars ft Zendaya)

Versace on the floor is a funky song, just putting that out there. As in most music videos, there is a character (or characters in our case) representing the action. The video starts with Bruno walking in to what seems to be an apartment complex . He then comes to his door and sees Zendaya about to walk into her apartment. They glance at each other, both looking interested in the other. They then both walk in and the music starts. The rest of the video is constantly bathed in soft purple light throughout hinting at a romantic mood. Zendaya dances provacativly to the music. These indicate that the two characters (Bruno Mars and Zendaya) are sexually open and ready to get it on. The name of the song literally indicates sexually relations. This theme of droping inhibitions as well as clothes correlates with todays societal methods of sexual thought and expression. Peoples sexuality is more open and “out there” than say in the 1950s. The internet, with the combination of celebrities and hormones, has shown that people dont have to hide their sexuality, and may be candid with little consequence. The music, as stated before, has a funky, 70s kind of feel, as well as soft parts, giving off a sensual feeling. The video ends with a knock on Brunos door, presumably Zendaya. This could possibly be intrepeted as a reference to the “hook-up culture” of today, and people getting intimate with sometimes total strangers. In the end, everybody just wants to get it on.

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