Different Cannabis Industry Avenues to Explore

A recap of Thursday’s cannabis journalism class meeting’s with KelSie BioTech and Ricardo Baca

Thursday morning started off with a presentation from KelSie Biotech, a company based out of Boulder. Vince and Cameron brought the science to our week and told us about their engineering/manufacturing company and plans to release inhalers with micro-doses of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids via inhalation of a very fine powder.

The company began their work trying to formulate a powdered measles vaccine before crossing over into the cannabis industry. The inhalers use a process called Carbon Dioxide-Assisted Nebulation and is said to be a much more “efficient cannabinoid delivery,” which is smokeless, odorless, and has as rapid onset of action similar to smoking or vaping.

This may appeal to many moms who want the benefits of cannabis but don’t want to associate with the smoke or stoner aspects of the plant.

The ratios of cannabinoids can be customized depending on what specific effect is trying to be achieved, i.e. anxiety, hangover, or injury relief, and even applications toward fighting diseases such as cancer, PTSD, anorexia and more.

They define micro-dosing as “the largest possible dose with the most minimally noticeable effect,” which they explained can be great for people who are ultra sensitive to marijuana and are not looking to necessarily be stoned.

They presented us with some seriously mind-blowing information that I had never seen before and it was fascinating to see how legalization has led to development in so many different sphere’s of the industry. While the inhalers will be made available for recreational and medical use, there seems to be a long list of medical applications that hopefully will prove to be extremely effective!

We spent the afternoon downtown in Ricardo Baca’s new office. Baca is a veteran journalist and was the first editor of the Cannabist. After observing his work over the years along with watching his documentary Rolling Papers in class on Monday, it felt pretty remarkable to be in his presence and listen to his opinions on the industry and current projects with his new company Grasslands, which is a content agency for cannabis.

While it was a little disheartening to hear about why Barca left his job at the Cannabist and some of the recent developments there concerning firing employees, it was helpful to hear details about about his job as editor when the business first took off after legalization. His insight was additional proof of how much the cannabis beat is booming right now.

He mentioned helping Steve D’Angelo, an esteemed cannabis advocate, write a book and other projects such as this at his new job.