The big deal is not to make great discounts, is to make great Marketing

The thing between being a good marketeer and being a great marketeer is that an idea can become not just a great communication plan fot TV or Social Media, but to create something outstanding that breaks the logic of “what’s been made already”.

Usually companies use to say that marketing is about numbers. Well, they are part right and part wrong.

Numbers help marketing introduce new products by knowing how many people can have a product. But to get to that research, we have to make a big step before: “The discovery”.

The discovery is all about that fase where company teams gather up to visualize something new for the company, usually, because market shares are dropping down, or because business is wished to go up.

But in order to fully understand how companies achieve that, something about this article doesn’t line up, because we don’t have to talk about Marketing at all, we have to talk about caring a little more.

Caring is all about changing how Marketing is approached by many companies. We use to treat people by what they seem, a wallet, instead of treating them by what they are, human beings. We might think of their welness and how good the product is going to be for them, but we think that by pulling out the name ”customer”.

If we look up at a dictionary for a definition of the word “customer” we might came up with something like these:
A person who purchases goods or services from another: a buyer: a pattern

Is that what we really want to call people that risks their money for products they doesn’t have tested yet?

I think that sucks, really, I do! 
Because, if you think that of your mom, your sister, your friends or even yourself, then I pity you!
Sometimes the word “customer” is not other than “how much money do you have?” and that is kind of rude.

And of course, if you see Marketing Campaigns between companies, some of them try just to change their communications to sell the same product (even they change the label so you think the product is better).

For other examples, you see another kind of companies that deliver great experiences to their customers only because they want the best for them. In return, they make money (obviously), and it is because they are doing it THE AWESOME WAY!

How did they manage to do that?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, the first step is to stop caring about people’s wallet, and start caring about their lives.

For that, my first advice is to call them what they really are: Users
A user, is a person, who use something. In order to use it, that person doesn’t need to have money in the first place. In the first place, they need to need or wish what they are using. Logic, right?

You don’t sell a toy to a boy, because he doesn’t have the money, you sell it to his dad, but the way the dad of that child is going to buy that toy from you, is because the child desire it.

Imagine for an instance, that we live in a world where for some psychological reason, some intelligent people came up with studies of our behavior and they discovered that our feelings came up first than the logic responses.
That means, that if you have a watch that costs U$50, Are you going to buy one that has a price tag of U$3.000 because you think is the more logic thing to do?.


And I mean it. Nowadays we need to came up with the best ideas for the best market, based on human beings that will fight with their nails and fists, not just because they need it, because they F***ing desire it!.
So, in order to engage a market where you want to kick ass, then start by showing to the people how much you care about them.