The partnership gives the chance to the students of more than 20 latin american universities to study free with the Tutellus subscription service to improve skills and knowledge.

Miami — Madrid — Bogotá, september 2018

Ilumno Foundation, the leading latin american to promote the democratization access to college Education, and Tutellus, the biggest EdTech platform in the spanish speaking world, sign an alliance to give access to the 300,000 students from the Ilumno network (+ 100,000 students from the Foundation) to the subscription Tutellus service in a free mode.

We are very proud of this alliance and hope to improve the education of these university students with a better learning experience”, Miguel Caballero says, CEO of Tutellus.

By another side, Andrés Núñez, President of Ilumno Foundation, shows his…

El acuerdo permite que alumnos de más de 20 universidades latinoamericanas accedan de forma gratuita a programas enfocados al mundo digital.

Miami — Madrid — Bogotá, septiembre de 2018

La Fundación Ilumno, líder latinoamericana en impulsar la democratización del acceso a la educación superior, y Tutellus, la plataforma colaborativa de educación online más grande del mundo hispanohablante, han sellado una alianza para que los 300.000 estudiantes de las universidades de la Red Ilumno (+100.000 de la propia Fundación), accedan al servicio de Suscripción de Tutellus de forma gratuita.

Estamos muy orgullosos de esta alianza y confiamos en mejorar la educación de todos estos universitarios mediante una mejor formación con nuestra plataforma y tecnología”, comenta Miguel Caballero, CEO de la compañía.


Investing is all about fighting against yourself.

By Javier Calvo, Data Scientist at Tutellus

Having a look at the now mostly deserted chats on crypto you will see the same thought expressed over and over again: in a bearish market lasting for nearly six months, with a weekly bloodbath hitting the news, how can we even speak about buying into a new project?

Yet this is something we keep hearing as soon as we start researching how to invest: buy when the market is down, sell when the market is up. Looking at the markets right now should trigger a…

We’re glad to announce the new referral program in the Tutellus Crowdsale, where you can earn free TUT tokens when you recommend some friends to contribute in our crowdsale. Here’s how it works:

  1. The Referral progam is the best way to earn tokens with the help of your friends!
  2. For each person you get into the ICO, you’ll be rewarded with 5% of its contribution, in tokens.
  3. How can you earn tokens? Sharing the link or banners between friends, social networks, blogs or websites. …

This week has been a very special week for Tutellus. Here are some of the main news that we have generated!

1.- NEM Foundation co-founder Erik Van Himbergen joins Tutellus as advisor

Erik Van Himbergen will help us in the long term to build the best Educational project ever and his role as advisor is adding a technical vision of infrastructure and services for the long term. The post, here.

2.- New #TutellusRoadShow in China & Singapore

We have exciting news to share with the Community: Erik Van Himbergen will help us in the long term to build the best Educational project ever!

Erik is a very well-known guy in the NEM ecosystem and blockchain industry. He was one of the founders of the NEM Foundation, and his role as advisor is adding a technical vision of infrastructure and services for the long term.

Erik lives in Belgium and has been working as IT manager in all kind of projects since 2003. Erik participated in the launch of the NEM blockchain and he is one of the people with a better global understanding of the industry.

We are pleased and really excited of this contribution. Thank you Erik and welcome to the team!

Puedes comprar los tokens TUT en la presale de Tutellus con el mejor bonus actual y en cinco sencillos pasos

Cómo comprar TUT tokens en cinco sencillos pasos

  1. Compra ETH en tu exchange habitual. También aceptamos otras criptomonedas como BTC, BCH, LTC, XEM, ZCASH y DASH, así que el exchange donde las compres puede variar. Sigamos con el ejemplo en Ethereum.
  2. Transfiere tus ETH a una wallet propia, como My Ether Wallet
  3. Abre una cuenta en
  4. Transfiere tus ETH a la wallet de cryptonomos
  5. Selecciona la opción de Tutellus y convierte tus ETH en TUT

Aquí tienes más información para conocer a Tutellus

You can purchase your TUT tokens with the best bonus in just 5 easy steps that you can see here

Five easy steps to buy TUT tokens with the best bonus

  1. Buy ETH in your exchange. We also accept other cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, LTC, XEM, DASH and ZCASH
  2. Transfer your ETH to your own wallet, like My Ether Wallet
  3. Sign up in
  4. Transfer your ETH to the Cryptonomos wallet
  5. Select the Tutellus choice and buy your TUT tokens from your Cryptonomos wallet. You have also a guide here.

Here you have some documents to know more about us:

Right to left: Albert Castellana (Council Member of NEM Foundation), Oleg Poskotin (CEO Cryptonomos), Miguel Solana (Tutellus investor & advisor), Eddy Travia (CEO Coinsilium & Tutellus advisor).

New York, May 29, 2018 — Tutellus, the decentralized platform that pays users for learning, will use the NEM blockchain to revolutionize education incentives and transform the way that students and teachers access, provide, and engage with learning.

The collaboration between Tutellus, Cryptonomos, and the NEM Foundation was made at the leading blockchain conference, Consensus 2018, in New York City. The Tutellus platform has thus far been used by over a million students. By shifting their business to a token driven ecosystem on the NEM blockchain, Tutellus aims to change the incentive structure of education, which has traditionally focused on…

Tutellus and Give believe that our kids across the world need to have access to richer educational content in an easy and convenient way.

Tutellus is happy to announce a commitment of $1M on a 5 years plan to help kids from the Give Ecosystem with scholarships program. These scholarships will help young people, with lessons and full curricula, improve their social and technical skills.

Nacho Hontoria

Community Manager at

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