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Sudhir Math

A/B testing can give you absolute certainty about how its performing.

However, sometimes you can’t A/B test: if you are just launching a new product or if your site/app do not have enough traffic (meaning that an A/B test will take too long to get statistical significance).

In this cases there are a few practices to test the value people find in your MVP:

  • Test purchase: find your target user, give him the product and have him do a few core tasks. Ask him to buy the product right then and there :)
  • If purchasing is not an option (ie free products), you can run something similar to a usability test with final “value” questions. For example: “how are you solving this problem today? How many times have you done this last week?” followed by some scale of how more efficient the solution you are proposing is.

Hope this helps. It is a very interesting topic with much more to be said! I should write a proper post about it! :D

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