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We are arguably living in a golden age of Apps. With so many to choose from, which will help you achieve your goals faster and which will end up slowing you down?

I often ask myself that question. Over the years I’ve tested dozens of apps, a few of which I still use regularly.

Here is a list of 17 utility apps (in no particular order). Some are free, some are paid. I hope you will find something that helps you be a more effective Mac user 😁


All your colour needs taken care of with one click: pick colours, check contrast, save themes and more.

The Economist, a London-based global newspaper, is among the most respected news sources in the world

The final redesigned UI
The final redesigned UI

Don’t take it from me, on a recent poll by the Reynolds Journalism Institute, The Economist was named The most trustworthy news source by Americans from across the political spectrum. [Sources at the end]

You already use Maps to navigate. Now use them to remind yourself of places you want to visit or places you liked the most.

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This is how my Google Maps looks like, with my favourite locations (restaurants, bars, nature getaways…) neatly saved and organised. All images by the author.

From the age of 17, I started adding my favourite restaurants to my contacts app. As a food lover who is also pretty terrible at remembering names, I got tired of forgetting the names of great restaurants I had been to.

I even developed a naming convention to make it more easily searchable. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t the most practical, but it worked.

This all changed when I discovered custom lists on Google Maps. Custom lists are a nifty feature to organize information about places in Maps, and to be able to recall them using the lists that you create. …


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London based Digital Product Designer. I believe in shaping technology to meaningfully improve our lives. My work:

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