Chip[s] Board® bring innovation to the battle for the environment.

Meet one of our #VarsityPitch2018 Finalists — Chip[s] Board, Founded by Rowan Minkley.

Current plastic and particulate board manufacturing requires the use of polluting, toxic chemicals such as urea-formaldehyde, a well-known carcinogen. Furthermore, these materials are often non-recyclable and create vast amounts of waste; over 1/3 of all MDF produced ends up in landfill or incineration from manufacturing offcuts alone. From deforestation to disposal, the lifecycle of MDF is a destructive, dangerous and unsustainable process. Chip[s] Board® was established in opposition to the unacceptable environmental impacts of readily disposable materials like MDF.

The journey of Chip[s] Board® began during the studies and professional work of co-founders Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll. Working across a range of design and fabrication projects, the founders were both overwhelmed by the impermanence and absence of value assigned to the most common of manufacturing materials. It was cheaper to buy a whole new sheet of MDF than repurpose offcuts.

Inspired to find a new solution, they started developing a new material that if treated in the same disposable manor wouldn’t have the enormous environmental impact currently generated by MDF/plastic disposal.

Chip[s] Board® addresses the issue of material disposal by developing materials made from natural ‘waste’ products, created with low water use and zero production waste, containing no harmful chemicals or non-biodegradable materials.

Using Circular Economy principles as the starting point, they developed a range of prototypes and brought on co-founder Greg Cooper, to implement a comprehensive research and development program.

Working with the same raw material supply, Chip[s] Board® have now developed a bioplastic named Parblex. With similar properties to acetate or acrylic, Parblex is primarily for use within the fashion industry, which is known to be the second most polluting industry.

Described as ‘the holy grail for the potato processing industry’ by the regional CEO for McCain Food GB, Chip[s] Board® have now established an industrial supply chain for raw material and the materials look to create significant change both for managing industrial waste byproduct and the impacts of disposable material use.