5 Ways to Naturally Increase NAD+

5 Easy Ways to Naturally Increase NAD+

  • Ketosis diets can Naturally increase NAD+
  1. The Ketosis diet has been a major fad lately focusing on eating large amounts of fat, low carbs and some protein (around 20% of calories taken in) in order to lose weight. We are starting to find out that the ketosis diet also produces more NAD+ in our system as well. Combine that with the fact that a lot of borderline diabetes patients start on the ketosis diet
Naturally Increase NAD+
  1. to reverse the effects and it starts to paint an interesting picture of nutrition. We always suppose to be eating fat? Well if it increases Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide that’s a good thing so maybe. Regardless, it can naturally raise NAD levels so it’s worth checking out.
  • Exercise to Naturally Raise NAD Levels
  1. Wait? You’re kidding me? Diet and exercise are good for you? Obviously, physical exercise is good for you in a for a lot of reasons but this is definitely a big one and it kind of max sense doesn’t it? The more physically fit a person is normally the younger they look. So if you want to increase the DNA Rebuilding and Mitochondrial Pumping protein naturally then you will need to hit the gym.
naturally raise nad levels
  • Saunas and Heat Exposure Naturally increase NAD+
  1. After some testing, it was showing that saunas and heat exposure have been linked to Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide increases which is one I did not expect to make this list. This is interesting as well because people with extreme joint and muscle pain from conditions like Fibromyalgia experience exhaustion when exposed to colder temperatures in some cases. Right now it could just be speculation but it is possible that a significant decrease in NAD+ could lead to Fibromyalgia.
naturally raise nad levels
  • Fermented foods and Beverages can naturally increase NAD+
  1. Fermented foods and beverages like Kimchi, Kombucha or anything else that goes through the chemical process of fermentation by exposure to lactobacilli contain a small amount of NAD+ in them as a byproduct. Yet another natural process that has a hidden fountain of youth in it.
 Naturally Increase NAD+
  • Going Hungry can Naturally Raise NAD Levels
  1. Decreases in calories cause your system to run our of NADH and then build up NAD+. This may be the reason why the “fasting diets” such as the wolverine diet and others like it (8 hours of eating 16 of fasting) can lead heavy weight loss and muscle building.
 Naturally Increase NAD+

So there you have it! 5 ways to naturally raise

NAD Levels!

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