Actualize Week 1:

The time has come! My journey in becoming a software engineer has commenced, and I am 100% optimistic so far. Not gonna lie, applying to the program has given me a bit of uncertainty. “I’m too young for this.” or “I shouldn’t have left college.” has played in my head often, but the first week of the program has given me confidence and made me realize this is the right path for me.

My 7 wonderful classmates are all fairly older than me, with different degrees and backgrounds, they made me feel welcome and fully support the decision I made in joining Actualize. I’m blessed to have such an awesome instructor, Dani, along with equally awesome TAs, that will guide me through this journey.

As for the lessons we learned in Week 1, all of them have been pretty straight forward. Lecture with demonstration, followed by exercises and group work. We covered a ton of material and I learned a lot of new technical knowledge as well as important soft skills (VERY IMPORTANT!). One of my favorite lectures was about getting unstuck, which I (or anyone) struggle with all the time.

I learned that working outside of the classroom is crucial in keeping up with the class, I’ve been doing my best in reviewing all the material and reading all the resources that were given.

So stoked for week 2! Hope my sanity will stay in tact :-)

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