Actualize Week 2: Now we’re cooking…

Another week, another hundred lessons learned. Week 2 of the program went by fast and my knowledge in coding has grown evidently.

The week started with the introduction to Rails. YAY! We made a working web application! It was simple to understand, though I often had to look back to the handy dandy cheat sheets that were given to us. Nonetheless, I finally experienced how magical Rails is, and I can’t wait to get to know her some more.

We did our first soft skills discussion and white boarding practice, elements that are crucial in getting a job as a software engineer. We paired up, and then practiced the white boarding guidelines that Dani taught us, and I can genuinely say that I choked oh so gracefully.

For someone who has no experience, and not even knowing what white boarding was, it felt completely foreign to me. All of a sudden I forgot all the knowledge I have about how to create simple programs and proper syntax right in front of my pretend-boss. The thought of the real deal makes me totally nervous (I’m sweating as I type this).

I’m determined to lose my stage fright! >:) Just need tons of practice and soon, it should be second nature to me.

An exercise that was assigned to us in which we had to ‘hack’ a website to get a secret message helped us with understanding the main parts of a web application in Rails. We paid close attention to the application’s routes, controller, view folder, and the type of parameter that should be passed in order to unlock each gate that needs to be accessed. This exercise was pretty darn difficult, and each time my partner and I achieve each gate that brings us closer to the message, we couldn’t help but cheer with relief.

The routes that we had to go through! Thank god for (Command + F ) hehe.

I can now say that I am deep in the coding matrix, it has officially taken over my life and I am confident enough to think that my fellow classmates feel the same way. Can’t wait for next week!

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