Baby steps…

Just wrapped up Week 8 of Actualize, and the training wheels are off!

We’ve been mostly focusing on our Capstone projects, and learning Javascript and Angular. Nothing makes me both cry and smile than learning new syntax.

As for my Capstone, I have accomplished a fair amount of progress, but I’m struggling with what features I want to add on to make it more unique.

To sum it up, my project is a social network for volunteers and charitable events. I did some research on how to implement social network features like newsfeeds, following system for users, and private messaging. Let’s just say, I got too excited reading various blog posts and repositories that teaches how to use things like Devise, and Action Cable. The ambitious energy ran through my veins, and my brain just wanted to cram all that knowledge in.

BUT, let’s be real here, I have to make sure my MVP is good to go first. I shouldn’t be thinking too much about how I want to make my application so advance. Build a skateboard first, then the tricycle next.

I shall update soon! Peace!