On becoming a Well-Grounded Rubyist : Prologue

Last Summer , I was a Rails Girls Summer of Code student, RGSoC is a program that aims to get more girls in tech and to contribute to Open-Source. For the entire Summer , I worked with my teamate on a ruby gem called “Exception Notification” gem , where we basically wanted to buid a Rails engine that stores all catched exception into a database,then display it when needed.

Now,I have a goal for the next Summer ,to land a Ruby on Rails internship but to my surprise I discovered that I don’t fit all the qualifications needed in the available internships,plus I discovered that I still need to improve my RoR skills.

The well-grounded Rubyist bookcover

And , this is where the Well_grounded Rubyist comes over.I read a blog on the importance of Books in learning Web developpment on Netguru, So I decided to give it a try ,learn Ruby on Rails all over again from scratch and I chose The well-grounded Rubyist book.

I chose it because first it is suitable for complete beginners and second because I really liked the name ,I could relate a lot to the name as I felt that I was a shaky-grounded Rubyist .

I am challenging myself to write a review of each chapter I finish on the book as a part of my New Year’s resolution and hopefully I could land he internship I want this Summer.Let’s see how this goes,See you after the next chapter!!

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