Keeping it Low Key

The things you intend to do when shared with people will undergo one of two things:

  1. either they will talk you out of it and it will slowly lose its gleam. You will become crestfallen, and it will feel like a vase has just been broken over your head.
  2. or they will praise you too much for it, telling you how great you are of even thinking of the idea that your ego will probably feel too bloated to get off the couch and do what you were intending to do.

So, after a lot and by a lot, I mean A LOT of experiences concerning this area, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is fair for any thought not to be shared unless it has been processed and already under application, and healthy for the ego to avoid any unhelpful bragging.

“That’s how you accomplish things in life. You don’t sit around talking about it; you just do it. If you really want to go far in life, you do things that are hard and that you think you can’t do.”

On a side note, I hope I get something done this year. Someone stop these flowing days already.

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