A World in which every single life matters

Can we make sure that they didn’t die in vain. Who died in the darkest nights

Why me?

why is this happening to me?

And why life is rude and harsh?

Why I came here?

Who brought me here?

These are the common questions that I usually ask myself hundred times a day. And then my mind takes me to the new depths of thinking where I start finding answers to these questions and slips away to something else ending up with nothing except grief,sorrow and depression.

but eventually i found satisfactory answers to these questions mentioned earlier. Being a Muslim I strongly believe that we have brought down to this world by ALLAH swt and he created us for some reason. Let me take you to somewhere else to let you know that what are the answers to these questions. Life started on this planet around thousands of years ago and the people of that era was much more behind us in technology. They didn’t have enough means, little access to food have no clothes even. They weren’t able to protect themselves from hard weather and even couldn’t able to get out of storms and other natural disasters. These natural disasters and calamities might have claimed thousands of lives. But somehow I am here, I’m still alive because my father was forced to live until I came into birth and father of my father was also being forced to live until my father came into this world and so on. This chain is unstoppable.I mean I’m not here just because I meant to be I am here just because Allah has already decided to brought me here otherwise my parents and grand parents and their parents might have met to death before even the next generation came into birth.

strange story. The point is that Allah had made us survived that’s why we are here somehow. It means only one thing that is our life is a great blessing from Allah. There are hundreds and thousands of people die everyday we could be one of them. But we aren’t,we are still alive. Lets take a deep breath and say Alhamdu lillah. This is the on blessing. There are millions of others.

We must offer gratitude to Allah swt everyday. Now I would like to take you to the somewhere else. few months ago a boat of refugees carrying 500 passengers (refugees) migrating from Syria to Greece sunk in Mediterranean sea. Only two could manage to survive. A girl named doha and a boy from Syria were on board having millions of dreams of living new life and getting mirage in Europe. But they ended up with death.

Now I ask a question that If they had enough food to live if they had their homes why did they choose to migrate in that way?. they gave their life savings to the notorious smugglers. Just because of a good future ahead.

At the end of the day despite of those hardships, 6 days of without food and water two kids and a girl managed to survive. Remaining were drowned into the water. I found the answer to my question that why me? if i ask this question from that girl she might reply that life itself is a blessing. And despite of too much facilities i am criticizing my life just because I had to face few calamities.

Now what we can make sure is that they didn’t die in vain. And let stand up and thank to Allah for everything we have and thanks to him for his blessings. We now must stand up and make sure that every life on this earth does matter .

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