I like the way that you have looked at the different audience archetypes and then prioritised them.
Joe White

Great comments, Joe White! I do think we should make sure we’re not stuck in the echo chamber. I’m thinking, in particular, about the Socializers, who may be motivated more by peer approval and process than an intrinsic sense of right and wrong. It may be worth swapping them for the Connected Evangelists, for example.

I want to clarify the Frontline Defender archetype. I wonder if—given your own point of view—you’re reading it as something like “Hardcore Activist.” These are people living in situations where environmental issues like pollution and climate change and development and toxics are not at all abstract. These are not “issues” to them, so much as immediate situations which directly impact their lives and livelihoods. Picture, for example, a right-wing rancher concerned about the impact of groundwater contamination on the health of her livestock or an evangelical Christian living in coastal Florida and worried about sea level rise in his parish. Their goals may be entirely personal and the challenges and opportunities for us are likely quite different than for, say, the Stewards.

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