The freelancer and the entrepreneur
Seth Godin

“But we can’t wear both hats at the same time, can’t freelance our way to entrepreneurial success” —

In your article, you described clearly the difference between this 2 ways of career. Thank you for that. However, I don’t understand the suffix of your messages. Apart from being either Freelancer or Entrepreneur most people are simply employees who are hired for their living. That’s why there is something common in this 2 states that you examine they both considered to most of us it’s considered as a brave step of independence.

I think that to become a freelancer maybe a good idea as an intermediate stage towards being Entrepreneur for several reasons- as the boss of yourself, you are legitimated to manage your time in a more flexible way than employee, and can use part of that time to build your new business/product slowly before jumping to the unknown zone of creating something new. During the time as a freelancer you will also improve skills that will be needed later as an Entrepreneur such as selling, communicating with customers and managing a micro business.

What do you think?