How Virtual Reality is Changing Storytelling Forever
Adriana Vecchioli

Today another big experiment for this new media is going to start as the opening ceremony of the Olympic games as well as some of its competitions are going to be broadcast also for VR devices (it’s covered here- recommended). The feedback from this experience could help to determine if theis technology is mature enough or even relevant at all for better/different entertainment for people.

  1. I am almost confident that even in the long term (10 years from now…) VR won’t replace the conventional cinema but will remain a niche. The reason in my opinion is because it’s much more exhausting process then watching regular screen and people would rather making the effort on concentrating on the movie’s plot. Similar advances that got enough worldwide exposure but still didn’t become mainstream were:
    a. 3D films
    b. Google glass (that actually vanished)
  2. Nevertheless, I don’t want to sound too skeptic, this new tech has a lot to offer and will be useful in many fields also apart from pure entertainment and would probably evolve in the coming years.
  3. Good luck in following your passion
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