Do not go gentle…

Do not go gentle into that good night
Old age should burn and rave at close of day
Rage, rage against dying of the light

This poem touched me so deep before I even understood what it is about. I don’t know why since I heard it in Interstellar movie I can’t stop thinking about it. My English is not that good and I had to google it to really understand it.

Dylan Thomas wrote it to urge his father to fight death and to strongly hold to life. In the movie professor Brand say it to motivate his team on their mission to save human race. It’s usually perceived in the context of fighting death. But somehow I only understand it in the context of survival. Survival not as an opposite to dying, but just survival against every hardship that comes by. Maybe not just survival but also living.

I might be ruining the poem meaning but the thing is when it struck me I was down, and it gave me hope cause I shouldn't go gentle into my hardships. I should rage and fight not because it’s easy or that light is guaranteed, but because it burns real hard not to fight. Not fighting means giving up while there’s still hope and light. Maybe in some situations dark will be right, but how shall we know if we didn't seek the light even with blinding sight.

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