The End

This is the end, and we both know it. I feel warmth emanating from her body, and it crashes against me like waves, each one drowning me in her radiance. Both our pulses escalate and our bodies sync into perfect rhythm, a perfect union of mind, body and soul.

In this final race, we’re both running to a finishing line in which we both know we’re going to lose, but it’s okay. Time stands still, but only for us. Our past and our future merge into this one moment where we share the complete universe together in this bed. Nothing else matters.

My heart constantly bursts into flames, but each one of her kisses douses the pit of anger within. Her spirit is pure and it has always scared me. She can look straight into my eyes and see each and every crevice of the tin can of what I call a soul, and it doesn't faze her. She wraps her legs round my waist from under me and scratches across the width of my back, tuning perfectly into that fine line between love and hate. Each bead of sweat is a metaphor of what has and what could have been, it’s a cry out for the loss we are about to endure. Everything about this moment is ambivalent with precise clarity — we can never be together, we've just stolen each other’s time.

We've drifted apart, but she pulls me closer this one last time. We've failed each other, but she’s got me locked in a final kiss. We doubt each other, but our hands aren't misgiving. Our worlds have collapsed, but we are both joint in a union of complete ecstasy.

Then in one finite moment, my back arches and her grip clenches the sheets of the bed and it’s all over. We can’t help but smile at each other, while we try to catch our breath. It’s a bittersweet moment to say the least.

We lay there and stare at each other, while the world starts to tune back into perspective.

Time and reality begins again.

We are both completely lost in our gaze. There are no more words left to say, we've used them all before. The silence is deafening. I pull her towards me and we fall asleep in each other’s arms. When I wake up, she’s gone.

She’s the one that got away.

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