Ways Motherhood Changes Your Body

Sense of Smell

You can smell a dirty diaper from clear across the house.


Your peripheral vision is extended to the back of your head. So yes, mothers really do have eyes in the back of their heads.


You can hear every little squeak your kid makes from anywhere in the home. I can hear whenever my son yawns or shifts slightly in his crib, from clear down the hallway (no wonder mothers never get restful sleep.) If you’re a stay-at-home mommy, you might even have your hearing extended to a two-mile radius and pick up the sound of your husband coming home to rescue you from the kids.

Smile Lines

These are so beautiful because it shows that you can laugh and that you enjoy yourself. Anti-wrinkle products be damned.


Your arms are now a warm, inviting place and are much cozier than before. Not to mention, they’re very buff after carrying a heavy baby or toddler, and an equally heavy baby bag.

Any other ways your body has changed after motherhood? Comment and let me know!