Week#2 Nadee Kangvolkij (5728640102)

#1 How did the Renaissance impact the use of scientific principles and technological advancement?

“ Renaissance had the most impact the use of scientific principles and technological advancement. There were many talented inventors in that period. For instance, Nicholas Copernicus and Johannes Kepler were famous scientists in that era and they left the important knowledge for us.

#2 What impact did the use of science and technology during the Industrial Revolution have on society?

“Everything in this world has two sides like coin. I would like to say that the impact of science and technology improve our lives to be better and easier. We have machine to help our works and reduce the time, but to compare with the past, we might lose some abilities which we can do without technology. Therefore, it depends on how we use it.”

#3 What is Toeffler’s Third Wave theory and where do you think Thailand is in his suggested theory of change?

“Toeffler’s theory describes about how human life was changed by different time. This theory separates into 3 waves which are first, second, and third wave. These waves can be called wave of changes. In order to answer this question, third wave is the manufacturing era. Modern life (technology included) begins in this wave, money doesn’t important as before because there’s credit card instead of and it causes convenience to all of us. There’re a lot of new inventions in this period which make our life be easier. In my opinion, Thailand is in third wave. As you see in nowadays, we’re growing up with technology and conveniences.”

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