Just a stopover…?

Through networking and ringing people. By virtue of tedious back and forth, Shura and suggestions we decided to hold a small talk at the town of Oldham in Lancashire. The plan was simple, drive up from Sussex early morning, deliver the lecture and planning with the ‘Northern YC supporters’ and return the same day.

Sister Rubeena worked hard to put this together and found an intriguing little venue.

When Umar heard of this trip he immediately offered me a stop over and over night stay at Sheffield. This city is on the way to Lancashire. This was an appealing gesture so I agreed to it. Although Sheffield kind of let me down a bit previously, I managed to wrestle with my reluctance and decided to share the news that I’ll be in Sheffield for the day. I shared this in a few groups so that perhaps they may have contacts here and join us for coffee.

Surprisingly sister Sehrish from the Oxford team said she knew a sister, her student in fact and she would love to meet. Mainly because she too was a follower of YC work.

Sister Saira connected with me on a Thursday afternoon. Masha’Allah within a few hours, she upgraded this small coffee meet up into a full blown event! Even booking a small venue. This is networking and organising at its best, something which I am trying to inculcate into my students and those working with me.

After staying the night at my sisters in Essex, I headed off on a very warm day towards Sheffield. After settling in with Umar, we headed to this Well-being centre.

Around 20 youth and family turned up. We discussed the purpose of life and how to attract those youth back to Islam, back to their Rabb. Masha’Allah the earnestness to do something, the energy was inspiring to feel. Great hopes from this lot to engage in YC style activities in this part of the world.

The next morning, my drive to Oldham Via the scenic route was an absolute delight. What a beautiful drive, the sort of scenery that makes you want to praise the one that fashioned all these valleys. These are treats that our Rabb provides us when you go on da’wah mission and on the path to Him.

And He is the One Who spread out the earth and placed firm mountains and rivers upon it, and created fruits of every kind in pairs. He covers the day with night. Surely in this are signs for those who reflect. (Quran 13:3)

Although it was a tiny turnout for the Oldham meet up, we still had a productive discussion. I was very impressed with some people travelling via public transport. and long distances just to join us and again to want to do something about the situation of the youth in this part of the world too. Some good ideas were suggested including hiking in the majestic local hills. This is a very good activity to have for the youth. Perfect for Inspiration.

When you plan for a certain area, something else pops up without even you realising it. Sheffield wasn’t in my plans at all, but overnight a ‘team’ seems to have been formed! These are the mysterious Qadr of Allah we have to be ready for.

Alhumdulillah, the mini 3 day tour comes to an end. I write these to inspire others to create their own da’wah trips. We need more and more people involved in calling people to Allah. It may seem like hard work, but once you get involved.. it has many perks and delights too.



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