Biggest Scam of India in Progress.

Everyone has shared Scams which have been exposed. Read below about the scam which is still looting people through Social Trade scam but not exposed till now. This would become biggest scam as they have hired Shahrukh & Nawazuddin to promote and build trust level among people to loot them.

Saw Nawazuddin Siddiqui on TV ad - Addsbookwhich is a cover for scam site Web Work. This is similar to 'Social trade' scam recently busted in Noida where 7 lakh people were duped for Rs. 3700 Cr (3W Digital Pvt Ltd)

Now abc (Addsbook) has taken it to another level by promoting their scam through TV ads by Shah Rukh Khan & Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Why is it a scam ?

One has to pay anything from Rs 5k to 1 lac and can become member on Web Work and earn Rs 6 per ad by clicking banners on Addsbook. It is also a MLM pyramid ponzi scheme where your earnings are doubled if 2 people join and pay under your network.

Packages -

A big scam is being promoted on Aaj Tak and several other news channel by showcasing big stars. This time the amount would be 10x. I would suggest to upvote, share and tag your Noida/Delhi/Gurgaon friends as the company is based in Noida and targeting innocent people in North India. Tag any news reporter or STF/police for further investigation.

Reference Link -

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Nawaz Ad - Adds book web work

Scam Marketing Plan - TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos

Scam busted earlier - 'Social trade' scam: How 7 lakh people duped of Rs 3,700 cr by Noida-based firm in online fraud