In 2016, I sold my startup for seven figures — and it ruined me.
Kenan Hopkins

Kenan Thanks for sharing your story. There’s no doubt that I’m young and inexperienced however, I find myself struggling with the leader — asshole problem. It’s scary. Around close friends and family I’ve always considered myself very happy, optimistic and friendly. However, I’ve recently been coming home and thinking “holy shit, why did I say that? I’m such a jerk. I’m the guy I complained about”. I have now realized that even though I know the answer, and have gotten very good at knowing the answer (I’m an engineeer), I’ve lost my touch in being personable when expressing it. Also, my desire to find the right answer and make sure we all know the right answer has carried into my personal life. While beneficial for work, it’s not beneficial when I do it to my friends and family. It’s a D-bag thing to do.

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