What is Milo Yiannopoulos?

In recent months Milo Yiannopoulos has become a celebrity for the repressed young white male. As the Donald Trump Era begins, and slowly ends, there is new energy behind the “Alt-Right” movement that hasn’t existed since the 60’s. This can partially be attributed to Milo Yiannopoulos’ success in gaining attention and stirring controversy. He is without a doubt a controversial, big-haired European who seems to choose his positions based on what is more offensive and extreme. He is very much like the show South Park, but not as creative. So, who is this new spokesman for the repressed white dude that hates feminists, liberals and minorities?

“First and foremost, I’m a journalist. My business is the truth. Now, I happen to be other things, too — a pop-culture phenomenon, the most in-demand speaker on the campus lecture circuit, whatever”.


Yiannopoulos was born in 1984 to a British mother and a Greek father. He was raised in England where he eventually attended two Universities. In very stereotypical fashion, he failed to graduate from either institution while studying English Literature. Classic Millennial. Being a fairly clever person however, he went on to launch The Kernel in 2011. Within a year or so the online magazine failed quite miserably. The magazine was created as a platform to discuss issues within the London tech community. However, as the site established itself it became apparent that Yiannopoulos did not have the means to pay the employees. Eventually the issue was brought to the high-court as several editors, writers and photographers had claims of unpaid debt. The Kernel’s former editor explained, “His refusal to pay those people that he’d hired is simply unacceptable, though in hindsight, I don’t believe he ever had the money to pay me or Margot”. The tabloid went on to be acquired by Daily Dot

“His refusal to pay those people that he’d hired is simply unacceptable, though in hindsight, I don’t believe he ever had the money to pay me or Margot”

-Jason Hesse

Despite the fail, Yiannopoulos needed another reason to be relevant and he chose #gamergate as his stage. A rather useless period in his career, he mainly covered a gaming controversy in which Zoe Quinn, a video game developer, was accused of using sexual favors for positive press. Although he has nothing to do with gaming he did what Milo does best and took a funny, but alarmingly extreme stance: “An army of sociopathic feminist programmers and campaigners, abetted by achingly politically correct American tech bloggers, are terrorizing the entire community — lying, bullying and manipulating their way around the internet for profit and attention”. He did his best to defend the accusations against Quinn and against feminism in general. Note: I take no position in this controversy.

The next big thing for Milo Yiannopoulos happened in October 2015 when he was placed in charge of Breitbart Tech for Breitbart News Network. This ultimately cemented him as an alt-right spokesman as Breitbart is an online news source that publishes stories for the extreme right wing types. For instance, the site published an article by Milo Yiannopoulos titled, Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy. In this enlightened and well written piece, he claimed that “Birth control makes you a slut”. Now, being an engineer, I am a self-claimed poor writer but maybe one day I’ll be able to write as eloquently as Mr. Yiannopoulos. In addition to this article M.Y has published many other articles for the fake news outlet. Some of them are good and some are meant to appeal to the simpletons of America. This doesn’t mean that Yiannopoulos is a simpleton but he does know that his readers are.

“Birth control makes you a slut”

Outside of Milo’s failed journalism stints (apparently he might be ousted by Breitbart), he has become wildly successful and controversial with his Dangerous Faggot Tour. This tour has spanned across the United States and the United Kingdom. Most of the shows were successful with some leading to violent protests (google: UC Berkley students throw tantrums). At these performances Yiannopoulos would briefly discuss his chosen political or social topic and then spend the rest of the time making awkward jokes (some hits, some misses). His crowds mainly consist of frat boys and that is okay. He does well with them.

It is my conclusion that Milo Yiannopoulos is a very clever man. He is persistent and witty. He is full of controversy and loves it. If it was controversial to be a feminist, he would be one. If it was controversial to be a straight right-wing supporter, he would be one. He can cause multiple news outlets to fail and yet, he’ll find another way into the spotlight. He uses wit to prey on the simplicity of the right-wing 20 year old. The kind of kid that can’t follow politics but knows that feminism doesn’t benefit him (this does not refer to every right-wing 20 year old). If you pay close attention to Milo Yiannopoulos’ rants you find that he says nothing at all. His ADD is so severe you can’t actually make out his argument. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while he comes across a very interesting point that needs to be debated. Most of the time however, when he’s not minimizing the horribleness that is pedophilia, he’s talking in circles. He uses very funny and clever buzz words to gain attention. Back in 2015, as he saw Trump supporters emerging, he realized that he had a new way to gain attention. Such an easy movement to become part of. Feminism sucks. White guys are being screwed. Obama is ISIS. Trump is Daddy (actual quote). That isn’t to say that the same can’t be said for some on the far left. I do not blame Yiannopoulos for speaking out. I am with him when he says that free speech is at risk. But, that doesn’t make him meaningful or correct in the way in which he goes about addressing these issues. With time, he will fade. Until then, check out the podcast he’s in with Joe Rogan:


-Nadeem Shariff

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