As a New York Knicks fan of the 1990s, I was reluctant to watch The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan’s six NBA championships. Behind many of those championships sat a little girl in the Bronx crying her eyes out after another Knicks loss. But I relented… reluctantly because it was a good way to spend quality time with my husband and I must admit that I have developed a newfound appreciation and respect for Michael Jordan. The documentary lets us in on what it takes to be a winner. Many often draw analogies to sports when talking about leadership…

The new normal. Things I hope are here to stay post COVID-19

Life as we knew it just a few months ago has been interrupted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have changed the way we do everyday activities, from learning to partying, disrupting many commonly held beliefs about what activities could be conducted remotely or digitally. The nearest comparable for this kind of disruption in Jamaica is when we have a hurricane. Many activities cease for a short time, until we can return to business as usual. Post COVID-19, many things will not return to business as usual…

Nadeen Matthews Blair

Mommy of girls. Creative disruptor. Visionary connector of puzzle pieces. Future shaper. Young Global Leader. Better Jamaica seeker. Becoming.

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