Simulacra Manifesto


An unconscious psychic process by which a person incorporates into his or her own psychic apparatus the characteristics of another person or object.

This is written for the people who feel alone, but are not lonely. For the people who disagreed with the things they saw, and was desperate to find something else. For the fans that create and the fandoms that are created.

The people who searched further and found love of our technology, not the other way around where they appropriate technology to their old ways.

For the people who wants meaning, but don’t have a “meaning-giving strategy”. The meaning of their dreams, their secrets, their life. The people who became inspired by stories that do not belong to them, but yet can relate to. The longing of emotional relevance found in a foreign culture. The people who connected things that were not meant to connect. For people who are surround by family and friends who are detached to their non-localized selves.

The people who truly arrived at a divergence in an era stretched between commercialized browsing and disciplinary education. The people who do not despise the weird and unknown because they themselves are the unknown. This is for the people who watched other communities in their neighborhoods belong, be loved, celebrated, while they searched and found emotion of understanding through the glowing screen, growing passionately, and yet passively. The people who wondered “If I just accept the culture around me I can live an easier life. They seem to be having so much fun. Why can’t I be apart of that?” For those who had intercourse with their environment only to deconstruct. So they keep searching. Conformity bringing them instantly assaulted by troubling visions, created with insecurity and doubt. People who emphasize their weaknesses when trying to depend on others.

This is for the people who seek a new way to celebrate. A new way to love. For the people who know not of the national boundaries to seek creativity of self. The niche masses. The uncelebrated masses. The people who share the anxious, melancholy feeling of being simultaneously connected and adrift.

This writing suggests a newly participatory culture in which we not only organize around niche interests but produce and distribute our own emotional interests in media content. A new way to connect emotionally. We can do it with less time and less effort enabling us to focus solely on the quality of creative thought process. A place whose meaning fluctuates between phantasmal and real, the foreign and familiar, the strange and everyday. We enjoy having our imaginations piqued by the complexity and strangeness of an alternative fantasy world.

Never forget where you come from. Don’t forget where you started. The starting point is when you found an emotional value in the culture you were put in. You do not choose the place you start from, but have the choice to agree or disagree. This is not a calculation to find out a person’s initial worth value. You must find value in “why” you made that choice, a choice made with feelings. Because if you don’t, the worth is lost. You can no longer discern what is worth listening to.

Because if you cannot make out what is worth seeing, listening or doing, then you end up following what everyone else is seeing, listening to and doing. “ You want to discern what is worth listening to.” Worth is not an amount of possession at this point. It is a piece of yourself during a certain time which is continuous. The “why” that you figure out is not used as a solution as time continues, but is used to define who you were during a transient period in time. This also defines that we as humans share the possibilities of our impossibility. We are all finite. Options to change give us possibilities within ourselves and our impossibility is given by time.

NOW: All signs have begun to float without their foundations. The consistent cycle of outdated foundations. We are now able to use a platform and generate something “one” enjoys. Find not an audience, but rather people with similar interests so a group can grow together with competitive educational feedback and communal orientations. The collaboration does not entail a higher mission. The intentions are personal and satisfying. It is not simply a matter of liking or disliking flatness, or condemning or embracing depth, or pitting one world against another; what matters are the negotiations of depth, the relations arising from the potentiality of perspective, that is what connects our possibilities of our impossibility.

We desire the copy, and the database of copies. You and I are the later stage of global capitalism. We have formed a new habitual lifestyle. We do not just appreciate or represent one belief. We do not flow from one to another, but leak in between. Breaking with tradition, refining culture, and a selective affirmation of emotional attachments to multiple contents. We have created databases that catalog, store, and display the result purely out of appreciation. Purpose defined primarily on emotional attachments and being an active participant with a genuine passion for subculture. A byproduct of a new subject. The creation of internet and escapism. We learned how to consume only the information that was behind the works without relation to the narrative or message of those works. God and society no longer secures our humanity. The loss of dominance of these institutions was produced by our creations. Our database. A database created by gathering of the unwanted. A place where originality was the most important is the past. God’s intentions, a society’s intention is violated as empathy towards fragments have strengthened. Connections of quotations, influences, and parodies are broken into elements. All of this has formed from desire. Not from the desire produced by illusion of singular meaning, but knowing the multiplicities of perspective.

This is a personal writing that I chose to post with fear. Possibly to know more of that fear. Please give me any feedback of any sorts so I get to talk a little more with that fear.

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