A Lebanese businessman Mr. Osman El Zein

Nader Fahmy
Jul 23 · 2 min read

A Lebanese businessman Mr. Osman El Zein
‏Industry: Information Technology Company: Al Zein Holding Group
‏Country: Republic of Lebanon
‏Nationality: Lebanese
‏Mr. Osman El Zein , born on 16/1/1997, is a technology genius and founder of Al Zein Holding Group, known as Zein, a self-made journey of self-development. A group of companies through his company, He was named a technology innovator and his company was named the Arab technology giant. He is a member of the Beirut Stock Exchange. His father is Mr. Wael Al Zein, the founder of Saad & Al Zein company, And the Chairman of the board of International Oil Company in Dubai, Pan Arabian, and his mother lowyer Samar Sabra

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