Al Zein Holding Group arab software giant

Nader Fahmy
Jul 23 · 2 min read

‏al zein holding group is a Company of the production of software, games and applications. The company, which achieved 50% growth in the Arab countries last year, was established in 2015 to start its production of the leading programs. It has technology companies and institutions of all nationalities, the most prominent of which is Al Zein E-Business Company, where this subsidiary offers special websites for the electronic application system, and summarizes the work line of Al Zein for — Business, More progress has been achieved in it, including al Zein Group, Al Zein Software Company, a branch of the parent company in the State of Qatar, as it seeks to develop the technology and looks forward to the renaissance of Arab markets in technology,
‏What Al Zein Group of Arab States has actually presented and what is its impact on the Arab and international markets
‏Is the technology giant. As it is known, Al Zein holding Group, a group of leading software that has led Arab markets to flourish gradually, has produced software that was not found in any software company or even in competitors
‏In conclusion, Al Zein Holding Group is entitled to be called the “technology giant” on the Arab and international levels

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