I am a team of one and your pricing makes little sense to me and does not justify “team…
Ismayil Khayredinov

With the latest change to our pricing (we removed the €199 plan, it’s now €49 + €14/user/month for everyone), we also added a new plan to our pricing page called “Distributor”. This plan is made for the use-case you are describing. If you’re not working on a product with a team, but rather supplying various customers with access to packages, then the “Distributor” plan is for you. Since the circumstances in which people need this type of functionality differ a lot, we don’t have a fixed pricing model on the site yet. Please email us at contact@packagist.com with details regarding the number of packages and size of your customer base, and typical usage patterns, so we can offer you a custom plan that really fits your needs.

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