Because busing around America sucks, but the people make it beautiful

“What advice would you give your 32 year old self?” I ask a older gentleman standing next to me about to light a cigarette as we both are waiting for our bus.

He ponders for a bit and says “Not to kill that guy when I was 10” he says, “then I’d also tell myself that I don’t have to marry the woman because I got her pregnant” he pauses for a bit, “Other than that I think I’ve done pretty good”

I pull out a joint and light it, because we are in Las Vegas waiting and well, the weed can’t get more legal.

“You want a hit?” I say as I’m extending my hand after I lit it

“Fuck yeah” he then rummages through his bag and finds a one hitter “I’m trying to find a place to fill this up with” he says as he’s exhaling the hit of the joint.

After a bit we chat he tells me his name is Paul

“Do you regret killing that guy?” I say in passing as trying to make a smoke ring.

“Na, fuck that guy he had been molesting me when I was six to eight, got sent to juvy, and told him I’d get his ass when I got out.” Paul said staunchly.

“You got a light?” Another gentleman utters as he rushes up to us.

Paul obliged and lit his cigarette.

“The fucking bank was trying to say they where going to mail me a check!” he starts “But it’s my money, these guys think I’m a idiot, I got a degree for fucks sake!” the gentleman says.

Paul interjects “Sounds about right”

“Yeah, they didn’t expect me to show up with my lawyer, but they ended up giving me my money, all $32,635 of it!”

“That’s awesome, but it was your money so why did you need a lawyer?” I ask

“Something about me closing my account, I’m moving back to Michigan and was trying to close my bank account” as he looks at his wrist “Ah shit, my bus is going to leave, nice meeting you guys!” he throws his cigarette on the floor and scurry's off.

Paul, with his walking stick and all, puts out this guys cigarette, then bends down and picks it up. Walks over to the trash and throws it away.

“I respect that” I tell him

I’m still a bit fascinated by Paul so I ask him “What was prison like?”

“Fucking great, I made a ton of money making prison art, look that shit up.” he says.

We start talking about his kid a bit “That kid has it made, gave him a house and a ton of cash, made sure I waited till he was 18 instead of paying that child support to that bitch” Paul tells me as he starts walking away “I’ll be back got to go to take a piss”

It’s a nice in day in Vegas, I run inside to check on my bus, which was already delayed 2 hours, is now a unknown since they are unsure if they have another bus.

“Can I borrow your phone?” another guy comes up and asks

“Where you calling?” I say

“Alabama, got to call my mom, I’m trying to get there” he answers

“Sure, but it’s a international number” as I pass him my phone

Paul comes back out as this guy is off on my phone, I overhear the guy using my phone “Yeah I’m going to come home, just trying to find a way to get there”

“You still here?” Paul says my way

“Yeah, they don’t have a bus yet”

The guy on my phone hangs up and hands it over, as I grab it he says “Either of you wouldn’t happen to have a dollar?”

“What you need it for” Paul asks

“To get home to Alabama, can’t seem to get a bus fare together” the phone guy says.

“But if you go to the church they will buy you one there, and you can use their land line to call your mom, hell they will even let you shower and feed you if you wait till Sunday!” Paul tells the phone guy

“I already tried that they denied me” phone guy sighs

“You sure you went to the right church? I’ve never seen them turn some one away” Paul says from experience apparently.

“Yeah, they just turned me down” phone guy tells us

Paul pulls out some cash from his pocket and gets a ten dollar bill and gives it to the guy, he tells us thank you and walks off.

“Why did you give him money if you know he could of gone to the church?” I ask Paul

“Cause he was a good actor, I know he’s going to use that go get wasted with his friends”

I look at the time, it’s 1:58, fuck I might miss my nonexistant bus, I quickly ask Paul “Well what advice would you give a 32 year old who isn’t your self” as I’m gathering my things

“Don’t kill a guy when you’re ten” he says quickly

I walk inside, and the bus got there and apparently left early. The guy who just bordered everyone looks at me and says “Where were you, I walked all the way around the bulding looking for you?!”

“Out side next to the door, you told me there was no bus, if there was would leave at two” I reply

“I looked all over for you” he responds quickly, “I’ll get you on the 3:40PM one.”

I opt to wait inside this time, as to not miss the nonexistant bus that leaves early after being delayed for two hours.

Around 3:30 rolls around, then they announce “The bus to Los Angeles will be delayed another two hours”

I walk up to the counter “Can I get a refund?”

“There are no refunds, read your ticket” the lady tells me.

I can’t find anything on my ticket that says non refundable.

“Well can I at least get a credit or the bus changed or something, I mean the bus has been delayed a few times now”

“It’s not our fault, we didn’t have a bus” She tells me.

She hands me a form, and starts typing feverishly on the keyboard, then asks me “What day you want to leave?”

“What’s the latest I can set it for”

“Two days” she tells me.

“So I guess two days” I answer.

She hands me a new ticket and says “Sorry for the inconvenience”

I smile take the ticket and say “Don’t worry it’s none of ours fault”

She chuckles

I open up my phone, check flights, find a flight for $30 more than the bus cost me, leaving in a few hours and getting to my destination before my first bus was suppose to get there.

I bought the flight.