Priceless advice from a great mentor.

When times are down how to keep up.

Long ago about 20 years back I was going through a slump. Economy wasn’t so great just had a couple of failed startups and cash was tight.

Wasn’t sure what to do, so I asked my mentor. He gave me priceless live long advise. He told me in a down time you do the following:

  • Read as many books as you can
  • Write as much as you can
  • Have as many conversations as you can

So I asked what’s the wisdom, this doesn’t sound super productive. So the punchline came:

When your learning your growing so when times are down use it to see what you did not see when times were up so you see what’s next

Priceless is all I can say. He was right, it kept me positive, active, aware and forward looking.

So 20 years later I pass on this same advice to you too. Use down times to accelerate your learning so you can win moving forward.

Happy learning happy growing …..