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Do you know who’s behind your delivery? Can you assume what process happens after clicking the confirmation button? And how many services start running after that? Let me share quick desk study, which probably gives you some clarity and next time, if something goes wrong, you will know where is an issue.

Industry Overview

As you can imagine, delivering process includes many steps. And warehouse management is a part of a large management order system (I’ll call it OMS). It contains several tools for customer service, accounting, Point of Sales (POS), warehouse management, inventory control, picking tools, etc. The process involves many participants, starting from customers, managers, pickers, finishing the delivery workers. …

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Hey folks, as an avid designer and podcast listener, I’ve bookmarked lots of design podcasts over the last couple of years. Since my list has reached over 50, I thought it’s a good time to share it with you all! It’s a notion spreadsheet, categorised by hosts, duration, topics (e.g. research, graphics, strategy), and more. You’ll be able to filter them and find the most interesting topics for you.

Now you’ll know what to listen to during the work commute!

The story behind is quite simple, but interesting. For a long time, I lived a bit far away from my job. It took me 1.5 hours to commute to work and back. As I’m not a native English speaker, I was looking for something that will help me deal with English, and at the same time, let me view the design world from another perspective. …


High-speed of life create new demands for industries. One of them is the automotive industry. The main goal of the study is enhancing the experience of repair and maintenance cars for consumers. After analyzing the market, consumers and their behavior I found valuable insights which helped discover the problems and figured out how to improve the pain points of the process.

This POC was done for 24 hours. It doesn’t much for these researches, so design solutions are based on hypothesizes.

Therefore the study is not intended to be the best solution. It just reflects design activities could be done for a short time. …


Nadiia Shymchenko

Product designer

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