The so called intro :D

So without any idea about how to go with it, I am starting my travel blog.

Main purpose — to encourage people to travel alone. To discover yourself, to meet new people, to connect with nature, to experience new cultures, to see what each town, village, and city has to offer you, and top of it all, to know how people and places welcome you, the weird alien, without any apprehensions.

Travelling solo? Isn’t that weird? and boring?

Of course it seems so but it isn’t :-) Well it might be boring for some till you start enjoying your own company. Soon you can have conversations and discussions with yourself regarding the surroundings, beauty, and the people, and even crack jokes to yourself and laugh. Sounds crazy? What were you expecting from my blog anyways :-P

So isn’t it risky? I mean anything could happen, and then you’re all alone.

That’s the beauty of it. Going to the unknowns with just yourself, ready to face anything, and always hoping for the best. The riskier the destination or the travel means are, the more liberated you’ll be as you’re leaving everything behind and setting off on a journey in which noone is going to hold you behind at anything, and you get to learn and experience much more than what you expected.

Still…roaming around a place alone. How am I gonna enjoy it? And who’s gonna take my pictures?

You WILL enjoy it. That’s a guarantee. And pictures…Don’t take up the journey because you want awesome snaps. That might or might not happen. The main essence is to know, to see, to feel, to experience.

What about the budget?

In India, if you’re ready to experience raw travelling and just a roof above your head at night and awesome local flavour and food, you could easily survive at 800 bucks a day, extendable to a 1000 at extreme situations. Of course don’t expect hot water for shower and ultra clean toilets everywhere. You’re a traveller, not a tourist. Walk as much as possible once in a place, use public transport and share autos. Taxi or auto is a big NO. Find dormitories to stay in, or there are cheap rooms also available.

Tourist and Traveller? Isn’t it the same?

Not at all. Explaining that is is going to be tough so I just googled and got you a link which states 10 differences between a Tourist and a Traveller.

The third point in it is totally true for travellers :D

In my words, don’t go to a place to see all the famous tourist spots and destinations, and to stay in the luxurious hotels there. Of course visit the structures and monuments that are of personal interest to you, but skip the other things. Stay and interact with the locals, eat local food, learn their culture and how they live, and go back a better informed man (or woman), adopting some good quality you learnt from them.

I am not going to elongate this further. The purpose of this blog is to encourage people to travel solo, and if at least one person does that after reading this, I’ll be a happy man :-)

Will write about my Winter trekking expedition to Dalhousie tomorrow, and then, let’s see how long I can maintain the blog and how many people would actually read it :D

Happy travelling :-)

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