I was appointed to manage the release while on the other hand, it has been a very long time since I did that. I wasn’t aware until near the D-day whereby I should start to keep on track on what I’m doing, and I didn’t realize it has so many stuff inside with lots of branches.

Then, how does it go, and what’s the issue?

It started on track at first, but things went chaotic. Problems come out, bug escaped, missing risk factor, and assumption made that something is unable to be fixed but it can.

Recognize the problems and…

I’m quite unsure about what I’m gonna write about but maybe I would just tell a bit of work life.

Well, I’m a QA. A job that I never thought in my life I would have. But um literally I never have any imagination about what I’m gonna do as a full time job. And it’s pretty alright.

What I knew is that since I was a kid engineers are cool (??) so in every yearbook beginning from primary school, junior high school til senior high school on one field under aspiration I will put Engineers.

Looking back..when we were…

Nadhira Puspa Diamanta

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