My Business Meeting with Mysterious Clooney…

OK so a brief background…new blog, new audience lets get to know each other a little!

I am on a year placement right now in a digital agency. Almost through the year so have had a lot of experiences — a lot of mistakes! …And a lot of meetings.

So for this one particular project meeting, I was sat with my fellow management team members, which happens every two weeks. Same place, same time, same people. We go through what we said we’d do, what’s happened, what we need to do — you know the drill!

As this is a regular thing and the people I meet for this project are well 100% men (besides me), 100% all old enough to be my dad and actually probably 60% old enough to be my granddad. So usually I don’t worry too much about making an effort with my hair or clothes, they know what I wear, I am not here to impress anyone; lets get this thing done.

For some reason, as if the Gods and Beyonce were on my side that morning, I woke up an hour early and instead of going back to sleep I made an effort. Looking quite decent for a change lets just say I had a swing in my step. No no it was more than that. I felt awesome. I had a view of the beach through the window of the conference room. The meeting started at 10am instead of 3pm — Result! (They always go on for an hour and a half more than planned…) I was having a whale of a time. Or as much as you can in a business meeting.

Even better, in the corner of my eye I am certain I have seen a celebrity through the window. Yep, pretty sure mysterious Clooney outside was sent especially for me, from the heavens. I must have done something good lately. Today is a seriously great day. I don’t know, maybe everyone at the table looked like that guy once upon a time but right now — he was a great distraction from how this project is financially taking an unexpected hit.

So the meeting ends, my colleague has to stay and discuss something with the director of the project. I politely (of course, because I am the only one here representing our gender — and I will do so to the best of my ability — GIRL POWER) anyway! Went on a tangent…I went to the bathroom while my colleague dealt with the project director.

As I am walking out, guess who walks in for a meeting with the director? You guessed it. George Clooney has just walked through the door and my ovaries have gone into overdrive! Well actually, I said George Clooney… he was probably more like Henry Cavill…no? Nick Bateman? Come on! Channing Tatum? Now I know there is no way you can object to that.

So naturally in the toilets I am freaking out, saying my thanks to the heavens for making me look slightly more like a human today! THANK YOU again. I walk back in to the room and like I said, someone was on my side that day and the Director of the company suggests that me and Clooney touch base to help each other out. So under the perspiration and makeup running off of my face in the stress and disbelief that this is happening to me, I use every tensed muscle in my body to focus on keeping my cool and shakingly take his business card.

He was told to give me his email. That’s all I expected as well. I’ll take it. I mean I haven’t heard of any married couples meeting through email at work before, but I mean there’s a first time for everything, right? Those couples are probably too busy still emailing to tell people about that magical first email that’s all. But when I looked down at the card (after leaving the room obviously — can’t be acting as keen as I feel), it wasn’t his email. It was his bank details. Kidding! It was his full name and mobile number. With a wink. (OK I lied, there was no wink). But he definitely has email — I heard him saying he emailed some guy to do with the project. So why not do that, hm? I’ll have to ask Beyonce…

My colleague and I exit the conference room of the hotel and I do the manliest thing I have ever done in public, around a lot of people, in front of my manager. I do THE biggest victory dance you will ever see! But like Dappy, I had no regrets. Because I had his number. I had power.

More to come on mysterious Clooney…

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