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Nadia Cantisano
Jan 18, 2018 · 3 min read

- Whole Bank mobile app -

Whole Bank started operations in Framingham, a small town in Massachusetts, United States. Their goal was to offer a different way to save and manage money by giving customers innovative options such as virtual currencies.

The objective of this design thinking exercise is to create a future for the Whole Bank application that allows their customers to perform payments when they are abroad.

To understand and consider their needs and minimizing the issues of the conventional paying methods they usually face.

For any UX project it’s very important to know the customer and empathize with them, that allows you to improve. Interviewing is a good method to collect information about the users and how they engage with the product.

For this exercise I have prepared a short interview to perform with five persons from my environment who travel very often and for different reasons. This is the interview :

One thing I have noticed is that the questions you make really matter. For a good design thinking exercise, when interview is used, it has to be carefully made in order to collect useful information about the users and know what they really need. If the questions are not clear they won’t be understood and you might get answers with low information value.

Avoid the main inconveniences of conventional Credit/Debit System for traveling customers.

Customers depend on the card to be able to get money from the ATM machines or to make payments, but when traveling, customers may lose their cards, shops might not allow credit/debit card payments and also physical cards are more susceptible to damage, card’s chips, magnetic bands, and contactless technology can deteriorate during the trip and make them totally useless.

To give customers access to a payment feature that they can use when they are travelling without having to use the physical card an application for mobile devices seems the best solution.

I prototyped the mobile app based on the information I’ve collected from the users interviewed with hand-sketched screens.

screens 1, 2 and 3
screens 4 and 5

Design thinking is a great tool to find innovative solutions. When using design thinking we can make better decisions based on what customers really want and need in order to offer them better solutions. Though it has to be applied consciously to achieve quality information. To be openminded is really important, so we should not forget iteration is part of the process and has to be done as many times as needed until we find the best solution for the users.

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