31 Days of Journaling

So I found my friend on Instagram liked this one interesting post, which is 31 days of journaling challange. Somehow I feel eager to challange myself into it, because it has been a long time since I posted something on my medium’s. And here’s the list.

tasks for everyday’s post

There goes the first post for the first day of August, my intention for the month. My top priority is to finish my thesis at the very least at the end of this month. I am already doing it for more than a year I think, and I want to focus my mind on others. Actually I am quite enjoy the process, it is like I discovered my new things that I love and passionate. So hope that I got more than “pass exam” from this thesis working.
The next thing I want to share is, finally I am ensuring my mind, my brain, my self to take one more semester on ITB. little bit ‘whaaat’ is accepted. The main and honest reason behind is I am not sure if I graduate early I will fulfill people expectation toward ITB alumnee. I’d like to call myself “ah lo Nad masih bego, belajar aja sana lagi, jangan jadi beban negara” that! I am not skilfull enough, I am still not sure of my engineering knowledge, and in the end if engineering is not for me I already studied about others. So the conclusion is I am not ready to graduate, soon I hope will find the reason and the right path.

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