I’m No Guru

I don’t have all the answers but I do have experiences from which to draw tidbits of wisdom to pass along.

I can share how I’ve been able to pick myself up after my many battles.

Your why for picking yourself up and creating the life you desire is yours alone to decide.

I can’t give you the 12 steps to creating the life you desire, and frankly it doesn’t matter how you go about doing it, as long you do something and keep moving.

I’m not a guru or a sage and I’m not better than you or more special than you. I’m just a person who’s had dark moments but keeps putting one foot in front of the other. I’m just a person with sky high dreams who has had many lessons through trial and error and wishes to share a little wisdom in the hope that it reaches you, that it speaks to you and sparks something in you.

I can tell you that who you need to be in order to keep moving is courageous, focused, and determined. These characteristics will build resilience which is an absolutely necessary tool on your journey through life.

I can tell you that what you need to believe is that you ARE worth it, that you CAN rise above and push through your fears no matter how large they loom above and in front of you.

I can tell you that the journey begins within. Before you buy a book or a course or get a life coach or quit your job or leave your relationship and join a monastery, take a journey within. You don’t need money on this journey. It’s free to get to know and love and have a relationship with yourself.

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