What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting.

They say when you expect nothing, you won’t be let down. But why is it that even though you’ve convinced yourself to “go with the flow” you still end up with some sort of expectations?

All of our experiences make up who we are so, as humans, we have an amazing ability to adjust our expectations based on our past. So shouldn’t that mean we should know what to expect, because we’ve done this before?

You convince youself that you should just relax and let the universe take you for a spin because not expecting anything is saving yourself from being “burned”. Like a fucked up juxtaposition, while you’re convincing yourself to not expect anything because it’ll let you down, you’re also convincing yourself that something good will come your way if you don’t expect it. Either way, you’re EXPECTING without even trying.

We set our expectations on desires and ideas of how we want our lives to plan out according to our drive for happiness. We always adjust our expectations on a scale which is contingent on fear. We fear our relationships, plans, jobs and lives in general won’t meet our expectations.

Just live your life with expectations so this way, you have something to work for. Think of your expectations as goals. Don’t let the fear of failed expecations keep you from setting goals to fulfill your desires and aspirations because in the end, only YOU can make you happy.

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