#100 days of 3,500 paintings…

“Hive motion” series.

Two years ago around summer solstice, I started listening to, and acting on, the little voices inside my head. You know, the ones it would be much more convenient to ignore. Ones that say things like skip your flight to East Coast to paint, break up with your perfect boyfriend who wants nothing more than to care for you and live happily ever after, write your business school application essay about your vagina, let go of everything and go into silence for two weeks.

Blank canvas.

At the beginning of that journey, I wrote a post about rediscovering those little voices in my head — my intuition — and what I love, through painting. I had skipped a flight to the East Coast, losing $250, to paint for the first time in years. In the post, I asked people to reflect on what they love so much that they’d pay $250 to spend a day doing it. Dozens of people, friends and strangers alike, messaged me saying that the post inspired them to pick up what they love again. Receiving those messages made me happier than painting myself. I promised myself I’d keep painting and share my creative process, in hopes that it might inspire others. I kept painting, and posted a few Facebook albums here and there, but was mostly quiet.

3,500 paintings later.

Last year on the summer solstice, I started the #100dayproject, with the intention of sharing a piece of art everyday with the hashtag #100daysofsoulstice. I fell off within the first week. Not because I wasn’t creating art… I was painting and photographing every day. I told myself I was deep in the creative process and didn’t want to be bothered with sharing. The truth was that I wasn’t ready to process what the works meant to me. I wasn’t ready to share my voice. And it felt too raw, too vulnerable, and too scary to share the stories as they were unfolding.

3,500 paintings later, take 2.

Now, almost two years after writing that first post, with spring in full bloom and the next #100dayproject starting today, I’m ready to start sharing. Ready to share the 3,500 works of art that have flowed from my fingertips since that summer solstice. Today, I am committing to sharing at least 100 pieces of art, snapshots into my life and soul, and stories that have been itching to be shared for years, along the way. It is my hope that some of what you see through my eyes supports & inspires you on your own journey.

❤ Nadia (@nadia.mufti)

“His hurting heart” & “Hive motion.”
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