How Emma Watson Promoted Feminism Through Her Braless Photos

Alice Lepart’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians Fame-Work and the Production of Entrepreneurial Sisterhood discloses the intertwining hyper sexualized yet family-oriented nature of the Kardashian’s sisters. Lepart explains how the Kardashian sisters have been modelled into complex feminine ideals for a postfeminist consumer-audience (215). The Kardashians have become role models for many young girls across the world. Lepart dives into the complex relationship where the Kardashian girls exemplify postfeminist culture while also negating some of the aspects of textbook postfeminism.

“Though the Kardashians clearly exemplify postfeminist culture, they also fill in some of its shortcomings, which may be central to their appeal.” Alice Lepart, pg. 217

This quote explains that the Kardashians can be considered feminist while still engaging in actions that are not considered inline with textbook feminism. It is common for people to believe that to be feminist a set of rules and ideals must be followed without question or hesitation. Lepart’s article challenges this notion and shows how the Kardashians shortcomings actually promote their feminism further.

After posing braless in a Vanity Fair shoot Emma Watson received immense criticism, with critics questioning her feminist stance. The photo shoot ignited a negative conversation with people sharing criticism and feminists feeling betrayed by Watson.

As a role model for many young girls and an avid promotor for feminism many thought Watson’s photos were hypocritical to her feminist nature.

Watson addressed the backlash by explaining in an interview why her photo shoot was verily feminist.

“Feminism is about giving women choice. It is about freedom, it is about liberation, it is about equality.”

Watson explains that there is many misconceptions and misunderstandings about feminism. “I am always just quietly stunned… that I cant be a feminist and have boobs.”

Emma Watson, a pop promoter of feminism is an example of how girls can be feminist in whatever light they choose. Her Vanity Fair photo shoot is a living example of what modern day feminism is.

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