MyFitnessPal — App Analysis & UX Case Study

What I like about the app

  • Auto-sync of my daily steps
    It syncs automatically from Apple’s Health app. Which adds up to the calorie limit.
  • A huge database of foods to search from
    Approx 6 million foods.
  • Barcode scanning
    I can easily add the calorie count from a packaged product by scanning.
  • Swipe to Quick Add
    From the search result, I can swipe the right to quickly add it.
  • Categorized food entry
    Breakdown of breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.
  • Add Workouts
    They have a list of predefined workouts to choose from.
MyFitnessPal’s app store intro video

What I don’t like

  • Unintuitive searching
    It doesn’t search automatically while you type. There is no on-screen ‘Search’ button as well. Only one on the keyboard and one on-screen seemed like a link that is not that noticeable. Initially, one would feel like the food is not available in the database. Same case with the search for exercises.
  • Communicating a friend is confusing
    This app has a good community of health-conscious people. But the social features are lacking big time. If you want to send a message to a friend, you have to put a subject on it (am I emailing!). Profile pages are also not that good. Notifications are not organized.
  • Unorganized landing screen with blogs (lots of them!), friends posts, and not personalized ads.
  • There should be a link or button to go to my profile with a single tap. The profile is important here to edit my goals. Those are my pain points with the app.
  • I should have the ability to curate my feed.

Top KPIs for MyFitnessPal app

  1. Number of daily new user
    Measuring acquisition can help to prove if the product is successful or not. If the product isn’t addressing the right customer need, then it may not attract new users.
  2. Number of daily active user
    Engagement can be the indicator to understand that it is getting the user’s job done and motivating them to come for more. It will also impact ad revenue from basic users. This includes the usage of calorie tracker, discovering new recipes, workouts.
  3. % of conversion to premium membership (weekly/monthly)
    When an engaging user upgrades themselves to the premium tier, it is a clear indicator that the app is serving its purpose. The extra benefits should be designed in such a way to retain those converted users.

Adding new features

The challenge is to give the user more convenient ways to track with nudges and feedback to make them reach their goals faster.

Potential Features

  • In-app workout plans
    Working out and eating healthy go hand in hand. With the combination of these, you get the best result. The app is already tackling the food tracking part and as a fitness pal (a friend) it should also guide me to the workout plans within the same platform. It can use some algorithms to identify what plan should be ideal for me along with my calorie intakes. After a heavy intake day, the app can suggest some high-intensity workouts.
  • Take the Health Score test
    This means understanding the overall eating and lifestyle habit of a user from a series of questions (30–40). Based on that, a score to show how healthy your lifestyle is on a scale of 100. From this score, the app can suggest curated diet and workout plans.
  • Diet plans
    Diet plans are mostly related to losing weight. MyFitnessPals’ approach to losing weight is to restrict calorie intake only. But, with proper meal plans, this can be a simpler and fun way to achieve the goal. The plans can be suggested by analyzing the user’s daily intake data (if enough available). Meal plans can also be for gaining weight or staying unchanged.
  • Create Challenges
    The app can have some predefined weekly/monthly challenges where users can join and invite others. It can be a meal plan challenge or a workout challenge. The user will also have the ability to create their challenges and invite their friends. Competitive motivation can help the user reach their goals faster.

Feature Prioritization

  1. In-app Workout Plans
  2. In-app Diet Plans

Quick Prototypes

Prototype screens of the new feature


User Survey

  • 80% of existing active users
  • 20% newly joined users
User Survey Questionaries

Survey Data Analysis

Usability Testing





Methodical problem solver, loves minimalism, pixel perfectionist. Product designer @Pathao. Find me on twitter @nadimhussain

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Nadim Hussain

Nadim Hussain

Methodical problem solver, loves minimalism, pixel perfectionist. Product designer @Pathao. Find me on twitter @nadimhussain

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