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What does the fear of death have to do with consumer goods? That’s a question I found myself mulling recently as I was reading Obsessed by Emily Heyward, the cofounder of Red Antler and the branding genius behind top DTC companies like Prose and Jot. Needless to say, her book is a worthwhile read.

In Obsessed, Heyward talks about “the why test” — the ultimate question that every entrepreneur must ask themselves about why their product exists. …

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How the Global COVID-19 Pandemic is Forcing Southeast Asia Into the Future

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has seen countries around the world go into lockdown: borders closed, businesses shuttered, and people ordered to stay home unless absolutely necessary. The high costs — both human and financial — are unlike anything the world has seen since the Spanish Flu in 1918. But the world today is connected in a way that would be unimaginable to people from a century ago. As we’re forced to distance ourselves physically, people around the globe are finding new ways to connect digitally — both with each other, and with their favourite brands. …

Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger Patties

Recently I was invited to a Hungry Planet tasting session hosted by Fundel, an innovative fund headquartered in Singapore and expanding rapidly throughout the Asia Pacific region. It was a great experience, with a wide variety of foods provided, all based on Hungry Planet’s patented plant-based meat replacement. I’m not new to plant-based protein by any means — I’ve tried plenty in the past, and my wife even went vegan for a couple of weeks after we watched Game Changers on Netflix! But I was pretty shocked at just how much choice the sector now has to offer compared to…

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Is Southeast Asia Ready for Direct-to-Consumer?

AllBirds are billed as “the world’s most comfortable shoes” — and to be fair, they actually might be. That’s a big claim, but when I think back to purchasing the shoes, it isn’t the marketing or even the product that stands out to me, it’s the shopping experience. I bought those shoes online, directly from AllBirds, and they were my first ever direct-to-consumer (DTC) purchase. I was immediately fascinated by the model, because I could immediately see how beneficial cutting out the middleman could be to both the consumer and the seller.

The Rise…

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Like most people, I love ice cream. In fact, I probably like it a little too much. I was always a Ben & Jerry’s guy, and I was attracted to that brand for a lot of reasons. The flavours are incredible, and the packing is awesome — what’s not to like, right? The calories. I’m of the opinion that a whole pint can be a single serving, and with a pint of Peanut Butter Cup hitting 1,480 calories, well, let’s just say things add up quickly! When I first heard about Halo Top, I was skeptical, to say the least…

Singapore is an incredible country. Life and school have pulled me away from here for well over a decade — going off to boarding school in Switzerland when I was 12 and continuing university in New York. Now, I’m home, and as I begin my journey with DSG Consumer Partners in a couple weeks, I can’t help but think of how excited I am to be here in the heart of a region changing and growing so rapidly. …

Nadim Muzayyin

Building the next generation of consumer brands in Southeast Asia.

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