Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger Patties

Meat Your Future — How Plant-Based Proteins are Changing the Way People Eat Around the Globe

Recently I was invited to a Hungry Planet tasting session hosted by Fundel, an innovative fund headquartered in Singapore and expanding rapidly throughout the Asia Pacific region. It was a great experience, with a wide variety of foods provided, all based on Hungry Planet’s patented plant-based meat replacement. I’m not new to plant-based protein by any means — I’ve tried plenty in the past, and my wife even went vegan for a couple of weeks after we watched Game Changers on Netflix! But I was pretty shocked at just how much choice the sector now has to offer compared to what was out there even just a few years ago. The Hungry Planet team offered up potstickers, lamb satay, bolognese pasta, chicken nuggets, a vegan cheeseburger, and even Singapore chili crab dip mantou — none of which contained an ounce of real meat. Even more impressive than the variation was the taste, as most of the dishes served were delicious. It was a real eyeopener as to how far plant-based proteins have come from the days of bland tofu hotdogs being the only real option. Needless to say, it got me thinking — with such convincing faux meat now available to consumers, how are these products impacting meat consumption, and where is the plant-based protein market headed, both globally and in Southeast Asia specifically?

US Plant-Based Food Sales

Building the next generation of consumer brands in Southeast Asia.

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