Facebook , or how to be stupid and famous .

I write because I want to ,

Because I want things,

because I want you .

I write because I can see

because I can feel,

and I can be free.

I write because I love it

because I hate it,

because I need it.

I write because I know,

because I don’t know ,

and maybe you would know .

I write because I have a problem ,

a solution ,

because I’m awesome.

I write because you read ,

because of you ,

because of him.

I write because I dream ,

because I am awake ,

because I can’t sleep .

I write because I’m inspired ,

because I’m blocked ,

because I’m fired .

I write because I’m on facebook,

I have no life , no skills ,

not even a real book .

I write because you like it ,

you have no life , no hobbies ,

not even a real book .

I write because I like the attention ,

the likes , the shares and the comments .

I write about my lunch , my dinner and my breakfast .

I write about my birthday ,

a movie I saw yesterday .

I write about my underwear ,

haters , I don’t care !

I write about my mood,

Or how, I am screwed !

and believe me, litterally, I would .

I write because I invented a language ;

that only few can understand ,

no grammer, no rules .

I don’t care

if I hurt , disgust or bore you ,

Get it , you fools ?

Now , I understand that writing is a great thing to do . It makes us feel better , help us let off some steam , express our minds . It’s awesome ! But posting everythiing you write on facebook , is sometimes really agonizing for us poor readers to see !

Before you post any thought , please make sure it’s well thought and well written !

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