6 People I’d Like To Murder At The Dinner Table

Acts such as eating with your mouth shut, taking small bites and sipping on your beverage quietly give a good impression when enjoying a meal in the presence of other people. Want to know whether your table manners are making you a pleasant person to dine with or a walking target for those who have suffered through a meal with you? Keep scrolling to learn who are the people that no one wants to eat with, in my blog feature “6 people I’d like to murder at the dinner table”.

The one that eats with their mouth open

The one that reaches out for things from across the table

The one that conveniently leaves when they finished eating

The one that adds salt without tasting the food

The one that makes a sound while sipping

The one that can’t eat because they are on a diet

It’s not always about using the right fork, serving drinks in the right glass or holding the knife using the right hand. Being someone pleasant to dine with, is as simple as having a quiet act until you have something to say and if any of the rules above make you unpleasant, then they are things you don’t have to obey.

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Originally published at 7urra.wordpress.com on August 15, 2016.