or how to find happiness in what you are doing

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I am always writing about things that bothers me in person. Today, I am writing about the relationship between me and my job. I contemporaneously love and hate my job. I am a true masochist. I can’t live without doing what I am doing, but from monday to friday, sometimes that just makes me crazy. I am a UX/UI Designer for almost ten years. I have seen many agencies, spoke to many other freelancers and done many great projects during this time. Some more fulfilling then other. Lately I am facing the same issue ever and ever again.

How to…

A Story Of an Lost Career As an Shelf-Filler

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If I had listened to my teacher 15 years ago, I would be a shelf-filler in a supermarket today, instead of running my own business as a digital agency. Okay, let’s stay fair. I’ve never been that kind of super intelligent — darling of all teachers — model student of the year. My teachers had a rough time with me during the seemingly never-ending school time.

If you ask them today, they would probably say:
Nadine? Yes, this was that girl who had so much potential……….

Well, that’s not what you want to hear one year before graduation.

I always…

Nadine Mohr

Founder, CEO and UI/UX Strategist at young and hyperactive

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