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Companies hide social wrongs and climate impact with advertisements in which they promote their ‘good deeds’. If we want consumers to be able to make an informed choice, we must oblige a disclaimer for green or social washing,

A growing group of conscious consumers is increasingly opting for sustainable products and services and is willing to pay more for this. Companies that are not established and equipped for such a positive impact tend to solve this with green or social washing. This is how it works: the company uses a costly advertising campaign to highlight a sustainable or social project…

I grew up during the rise of mass consumerism. We have been told that we have a right to happiness and that this can be achieved through purchasing products and services. Bombarded with commercial messages that sell us illusions we have started to express our identity in material things. We have come to believe that we are what we buy, what we do and what we have.

Our world is one big candy store and temptation is everywhere. Every empty moment of the day must be filled with a moment of consumption. Marketers are constantly selling us the idea that…

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Coronavirus does not discriminate, but follows the laws of nature. However confronting this may be for those who are sick or old.

We may have known rationally that radical change is required to meet the challenges that we face collectively in the world today. But did we feel it too? The lack of action of most people, companies and government says it all. Too little, too slowly. Climate change, growing social inequality and depleted resources are all the result of years of focus on infinite growth without taking into account the impact on humans, animals and the planet.

Neo-liberalism, which originated in the 1980s of Margaret Tatcher, has created a masculine culture built on values ​​such as domination, assertiveness and striving for…

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You cannot open a newspaper or turn on the TV or it is about women empowerment. A record number of women captured a seat in the US midterm elections at the House of Representatives this year. Ursula von der Leyen is the first female president of the European Commission. Greta Thunberg tells world leaders how to solve the climate problem. The future is female.

Because there is so much focus on women in the media, it seems that we have come a long way and the risk arises that we start to lean backward. …

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The world is getting smaller, according to some. The internet brings us in no time in contact with the other side of the world. A few more years and with the help of AI we experience that we are lying on a Brazilian beach with a cocktail in our hand, while in reality we are just sitting in our office chair. Others claim that the world is getting bigger. What grows is the awareness of how large and complicated the world is and how tiny we actually are. The Netherlands compared to huge countries such as India and China. …

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Being ‘woke’ is on trend, so naturally, brand activism is happening. In 2019 wokeness was still linked to metropolitan whimsy. For those who are still asleep — being woke means being conscious of what’s happening around the globe.

Right now, there’s no brand out there who can afford to ignore this development. Companies are embracing ‘do-gooding’ en masse, and that doesn’t lead to flawless productions. The biggest condition when it comes to transforming successfully? Understanding how a brand can ride the popular activist mindset train.

Commercial success and activism can go hand in hand

True activist brands were developed out…

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Hey, everyone, still getting used to the era of millennials, branded content and influencers? Wake up! It’s almost 2018 and there are some new kids in town.

Branded content arose from the demand for authentic stories within the millennial target audience. Because brands still find this transition difficult, branded content is often degraded to a commercial message wrapped in an editorial jacket. For real authentic stories we turn to branded journalism. This is editorial content, sponsored by brands. Branded content is created for clients and potential clients, branded journalism creates (new) audiences.

Now that the kids of GenZ (16–24) have…

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Independent Creative Strategist and Writer

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